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Guide to Facilities

Guide to Facilities


Guide to Facilities

In-hotel Facilities
Front reception, Lounge, Bakery, Hot spring, Restaurant, Bar, Wooden terrace
Smoking space (1F)
Disabled-access toilet (5F)
Laundry space (5F)
(Kata Live)

Lobby“Kata Live”

Our Miyajima concierge staff will suggest ways to enjoy Miyajima and your villa lifestyle.

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(Komo Le Bi)

Guest Lounge & Terrace“Komo Le Bi”

Exclusive to overnight guests, the lounge features a fireplace, library corner, healing music, and during certain times, a free drink service and live music performances. On the wooden terrace, small birds and tanuki raccoon dogs sometimes appear, playing in the sunlight filtering down through the treetops.

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(Shimauma Bakery)

BakeryShimauma Bakery

Miyajima’s First In-hotel Homemade Bakery

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Kura Vitto

Cafe & Bar“Kura Vitto”

Enjoy Hiroshima’s Delectable Sake, Wine and Local Beer.

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(Shima Classic)

RestaurantShima Classic

Enjoy this unique chance to savor Miyajima Villa’s cuisine to your heart’s content.

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