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Lounge & Terrace

Lounge & Terrace


A Relaxing Space that Enhances Villa Life

Exclusive to overnight guests, the lounge features a fireplace, library corner, healing music, and during certain times, a free drink service and live music performances.Villa life becomes even more enjoyable through interaction with other guests and our staff. On the wooden terrace, small birds and tanuki raccoon dogs sometimes appear, playing in the sunlight filtering down through the treetops.

Drink Service


We offer you soft drinks such as coffee, tea, and orange juice. The lounge can be used as a resting area after enjoying sightseeing or the hot spring, or as a setting for interaction with other guests.



A terrace with a wooden deck gazing out onto Miyajima’s greenery. In the cradle-like hanging chairs, relax and forget about the passing of time.